A company needs, and should have, only one brand

Why is there so much talk today about different kinds of brands? Some experts would have us believe that every company must have at least three brands: a company brand, an employer brand and an employee brand.

This does nothing but muddy the waters and dilute the true purpose and value of your company’s brand.

Why do I believe that?

To review, a brand is a set of associations linked to a company— and its products and services—in the minds of customers and other stakeholders (such as employees) by its name, logo and other branding elements that provide a compelling promise of value. And strong brands are built through a well-conceived and executed brand strategy that creates, delivers and communicates the value desired by customers.

Managers of the strongest brands always focus on cultivating company-wide business practices that support their company’s brand strategy and strengthen their ability to win with customers.

People strategy is an important part of a company’s brand strategy. It clarifies how employees are expected to shape customers’ perceptions of value. It also identifies and cultivates the necessary H.R. business practices for hiring, training, rewarding and promoting the right kinds of employees for the company and brand. Those employees that will make the greatest impact on customers and find real job satisfaction in so doing.

Talking about the need for an employer brand and an employee brand confuses the issue. An employer brand isn’t required to establish the character or reputation of the company as a place to work. An employee brand isn’t needed to influence the actions of employees in creating, delivering and communicating value to customers.

What an organization needs is to focus on building one valued and renowned brand through a single-minded brand strategy that helps identify and cultivate the company-wide business practices integral to the brand’s success in the marketplace. This is the same brand that will build a reputation as a place to work and influence the actions of employees in the right brand-aligned manner.

To build a strong brand and business a company should have only one brand.

About ashleykonson

STRATEGY CONSULTING | EXECUTIVE COACHING | CORPORATE TRAINING | KEYNOTE SPEAKING | Ashley Konson is the Managing Partner of Global Brand Leaders Inc., a new kind of brand consulting company dedicated to making brands and their teams leaders across the globe. He is a Brand Leader, Business Consultant and Award-Winning Educator, and a recognized thought leader and fervent advocate of the premise that strong brands and businesses achieve and sustain their market positions because they are strong Inside out™.
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4 Responses to A company needs, and should have, only one brand

  1. Mike Wilson says:

    Hi Ashley, love the ‘bite size’ scale of your articles. Keep reminding us that life is Marketing and Marketing is life! Cheers, Mike.

  2. renee b. says:

    Hi Ashley! I am so glad you are doing this. It’s great to hear from you and to know that you are keeping well. I would be interested in an online Branding course (MBA level), if you’re thinking of offering such a beast to your network.

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